San Diego Comic-Con Booth #4529
July 19-23, 2023

The time has come once again, for the UDON Crew to descend on Comic-Con International: San Diego, or as the rest of us call it: San Diego Comic-Con! This year we've got a BIGGER BOOTH THAN EVER, a few amazing SPECIAL GUESTS, and of course, the CON EXCLUSIVE MERCH YOU LOVE! Keep reading to find out everything going on with UDON!

UDON will be at booth #4529, our biggest booth EVER! The MASSIVE booth features books, manga, merch, signings, and even a special display case full of previews of UPCOMING releases! Like, say, our special-edition ELDEN RING OFFICIAL ART BOOK BOX SET? It's where all the fun starts!


The UDON Entertainment Booth will feature signings with some of the biggest artists in the game! Appearing at the UDON Booth #4529 this year are:

  • Street Fighter 6 Director Takayuki Nakayama (Fri/Sat) Details below!
  • Street Fighter 6 Producer Shuhei Matsumoto (Fri/Sat)
  • Renowned Mech Illustrator Hidetaka Tenjin
  • Street Fighter / Mega Man Artist Jeffrey “The Chamba” Cruz
  • Street Fighter / Darkstalkers cover illustrator Reiq
  • Darkstalkers: Felicia writer Tim Seeley

See booth for final signing times! And don't miss Street Fighter 6 illustrator Edwin Huang in Artist Alley!


The tradition of CAPCOM signing continues this year at SDCC at the UDON booth (#4529)! Street Fighter 6 director Takayuki Nakayama will be joined by Street Fighter 6 producer Shuhei Matsumoto to do a DOUBLE KO signing at the
UDON booth!!  There will be two one-hour sessions, Round One on Friday July 21 at 2-3 pm and Round 2 on Saturday July 22 at 5:30 to 6:30 pm. It will be a ticketed event, and one signing ticket will be given out to fans with every $250 purchase at the UDON booth.  There will be a special poster and a metal card giveaway to the ticketed guests.

And speaking of the acclaimed Hidetaka Tenjin: Debuting at Comic-Con International: San Diego, it's Hidetaka Tenjin's Artistry of Macross: Macross Frontier Films, Macross Delta, & Archives! 
This is the second amazing art collection in the Artistry of Macross series, and this will be your first chance to get this incredible book and get it signed by the famed Macross illustrator!


The Big One:
  • The UDON Panel: Saturday July 22, 4pm-5pm, Room 4 - Erik Ko, Matt Moylan, and the UDON Special Guests Walk you through some of the surprises still to come in 2023, and give you a sneak-peak at titles and projects coming your way in 2024!
And Don't Miss:
  • Manga Publishing Industry Roundtable:  Thursday, July 20, 5pm-6pm, Room 29AB - Host Deb Aoki will talk all about manga, including announcing some new UDON manga titles which will be produced in partnership with Mangasplaining Extra! 
  • When Classic Literature Meets Manga!: Thursday July 20, 6pm-7pm, Room 5AB - Our sister company Manga Classics will be showcasing adaptations of classic literature in manga format on this interesting panel discussing opportunities for teachers, librarians, and literature fans!


UDON EXCLUSIVE TEES! UDON Entertainment has teamed up with Capcom to offer three brand new exclusive t-shirts at San Diego Comic Con:
  • Street Fighter 6 Cammy Tee: An exclusive colorway and an all-new design, featuring art by Capcom and Street Fighter 6 artist Mita Chisato! $35
  • Monster Hunter "Palico" Tee: This Ice-grey tee is a great way to show off the cute Palico Companions of Monster Hunter World! $30
  • Monster Hunter "Caravan" Tee: This Jet-black Caravan logo tee features gold foil stamping! $35
More than 20 UDON Original T-shirts will be available at the UDON Booth #4529, from properties including:
Street Fighter, Mega Man, Monster Hunter,
Spy X Family, Persona 5, Guilty Gear,

Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets), Speed Racer,
Samurai Pizza Cats & even more!
2023 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special #1 "Team Manon" CVR X3, by Panzer (Above Left) $20
2023 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special #1 "Team Cammy" CVR X4, by Panzer (Above Right) $20
An Annual Comic-Con tradition returns! We're thrilled to offer exclusive San Diego Comic Con Edition Covers for The 2023 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special!
  • 2023 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special #1 "Virgin" CVR X5, by REIQ $20
You can get the logo-less "Virgin" cover by Reiq AND get it signed by him at our booth! And Panzer's "Team Manon" and "Team Cammy" Covers interlock with each other... AND his covers from The 2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special #1, shown below!


UDON Goes Retro at SDCC! UDON Entertainment is collaborating with Tatsunoko Productions tp offer two sets of pins and three tees based on classic Tatsunoko anime titles! 

  • Samurai Pizza Cats Pins: You can pick up the pizza slice character pins of Speedy Cerviche, Polly Esther, and Guido Anchovy for $15 each, or get the Super Limited Edition Pizza Box Set of all 8 characters, including Francine and the Rescue team, for $90! 
  • Gatchaman Pins: UDON is proud to bring you their first new Gatchaman (a.k.a. Battle of the Planets) products at Comic-Con, . Debuting at the show are a series of Gatchaman Helmet Collectors pins, featuring the 5 members of the Science Ninja Team. Each enamel helmet pin also features a clear visor to faithfully recreate the authentic look of the character design. $15 each or $60 for the set of 5! 

Lastly, UDON will also release T-Shirts from Gatchaman, Samurai Pizza Cats, and fan-favorite Speed Racer at Comic-Con! Shirts are $30 each and size available from S to 3XL.Quantities are limited!


Try your luck with these Street Fighter Alpha 3 Ladies Winning Pose Lucky Draw Pins! $10 a draw gets you a chance at a random pin! And ook for extra special rare pins too!

Bring on the Bad Guys! It's the Four Heavenly Kings of Shadaloo in exclusive new "busts". $15 each!

The Blue Bomber is BACK! Complete your collection of Robot Masters with the all-new 'Robot Master:Metal Man' Pin! Leap into action with the 'Mega Man x Proto Man Pin'! And don't miss the Mega Man Hologram Head Pin, with a special reflective treatment that looks awesome! $15 each

All of the above pins and dozens more are available at 
UDON Booth #4529!


Street Fighter 6: ROUND 1, FIGHT! - UDON is bringing the heavy hitters to SDCC! Street Fighter legends Chun-Li and Ryu are joined by newcomers Luke and Jamie! These stunning metal cards mounted on a soft touch folio and featuring brand new Street Fighter 6 art by Joe Ng, each 4 card set is $70 with limited quantities available at the booth. 

Darkstalkers: The Vampire Saviors - Darkstalkers fans, it’s time to sink your teeth into this brand new metal card set! Donovan, Anita, Pyron and Jedah are included in this brand new 4 card soft touch folio set! Featuring art by Panzer, each Vampire Savior set is $70 with limited quantities available at the booth. 
UDON Incentive Metal Cards - UDON has 4 brand new metal cards up for grabs at SDCC! Capcom fans can get one random metal card for every $80 they spend at the booth (on any of our books or merch)! This year's metal cards include: Darkstalkers Rikuo & Jon Talbain, with card art by Panzer, Street Fighter’s Juri, with card art by Joe Ng,and Mega Man Zero’s Ciel featuring art by legendary Mega Man artist Hitoshi Ariga! 
Cool surprises are part and parcel of the UDON Booth at Comic-Con, and this year will be no exception! So we hope we'll see YOU at San Diego Comic-Con Booth #4529, this July 19-23!

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