Street Fighter 6 Revised Release Dates & Exclusive New Cover Reveals!

Street Fighter 6 Revised Release Dates & Exclusive New Cover Reveals!

Read On for Street Fighter 6 Revised Release Dates and Exclusive New Cover Reveals!
Comic Book and Graphic Novel Fans: GET READY! This Spring UDON will be releasing its largest number of original comics stories set in the extended Street Fighter Universe... EVER! Original graphic novels, one-shots, and a special new game tie-in series that brings the world of the World Warriors to life! 
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Street Fighter 6 #0
By Capcom, Matt Moylan, Edwin Huang, and Genzoman
32 pages, full color, FREE!
Coming Saturday May 6th

On Saturday, May 6th, 2023, head to your local comic shop to get the very first official Street Fighter 6 story content: UDON and CAPCOM's Street Fighter 6 #0! A legendary release for Street Fighter fans, a direct prelude to this summer's Street Fighter 6 game, and  part of the Comic Industry-wide celebration and promotion FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!

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SHIPPING UPDATE: Dear Street Fighter Fans! We wanted to make sure that the UDON X CAPCOM Street Fighter 6 series was as high-quality as we could make it, and because of that we're going to need a few extra weeks to get it started. So while Street Fighter 6 #0 will still release on Free Comic Book Day, Street Fighter 6 #1 will release 2 weeks later than its original on-sale date, on May 24th. After that issues will still release weekly, with #2 on May 31, #3 on June 7, and #4 June 14. Don't worry, you're still going to be the very first to get a look at the epic story of Street Fighter 6 before the game releases this June, so head to your local comic shop and reserve these titles and covers!


Street Fighter 6 #1
By Capcom and Bengus. 
Cover A by Chamba. Cover B by Shinkiro. Cover C Blank Sketch Variant. Cover D Powerfoil by Jo Chen.
48 Pages, full color. A & B: US$5.99. C: $6.99. D: Ask your retailer! 

UPDATE: Shipping May 24th, 2023

The new era of fighting games begins here, in the official STREET FIGHTER 6 prequel comic! This weekly 48-page, 4-issue mini-series leads straight up the hotly anticipated game's June release! In this issue: American martial arts champion Ken Masters travels to the city-state of Naishal for a new fighting tournament, but he finds much more danger than he bargained for!

Street Fighter 6 #2
By Capcom and Panzer. 
Cover A by Joe Ng. Cover B by Panzer.
48 Pages, full color. US$5.99 each

UPDATE: Shipping May 31st, 2023

Someone wants Ken Masters dead! Luckily the strongest woman in the world, Chun-Li, is on hand to keep her old friend safe. The epic storyline of Street Fighter 6 continues to unfold!

Street Fighter 6 #3
By Capcom and Hanzo Steinbach. 
Cover A by Long Vo. Cover B by Hanzo Steinbach.

48 Pages, full color. US$5.99 each.
UPDATE: Shipping June 7th, 2023

Deadly bombings are rocking the city, and it's up to Luke to find the source! Plus, Ken Masters must make a devastating choice as his son's life hangs in the balance!

Street Fighter 6 #4
By Capcom and Chisato Mita.
Cover A by Chamba. Cover B by Edwin Huang.
48 Pages, full color. US$5.99 each. 

UPDATE: Shipping June 14th, 2023

The mini-series reaches its epic conclusion! Ken Masters is through running, and makes his presence known at the Naishal fighting tournament! Only one man holds the truth about the chaos exploding around both Ken and Luke... the mysterious JP!


Street Fighter 6 #4: Chisato Mita Cover
(UDON Store Exclusive) by Chisato Misa

UDONstore.com is proud to offer an all new exclusive variant for the Street Fighter 6 comic series!

Grab the next amazing entry in UDON's series of exclusive variants, and add this unique variant cover by an incredible Japanese artist who has been working with Capcom for over a decade...including on the Street Fighter 6 game!

PLUS! Still available in Limited Quantities: Street Fighter 6 #1: Kimberly Arcade Cover, by Reiq. Part of Reiq's awesome series of exclusive variants! US$20.

Street Fighter 6 #1: Kimberly Arcade Cover
UDON Store Exclusive by Reiq


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