2024 Shantae Swimsuit Special #1 - Pre-Orders Now Open!

2024 Shantae Swimsuit Special #1 - Pre-Orders Now Open!

Shantae's Scorching Summer begins with her first-ever Swimsuit Special!

Shantae and Friends (and Enemies too!) bring the sunshine in this new pinup & comic book!

UDON is proud to team once again with the good folks at BOZON to bring you an all new Shantae Book, just in time for swimsuit season! The 2024 Shantae Swimsuit Special #1 is currently available for order from UDON Entertainment and Diamond Comic Distributors for shipping in September 2024.

We're here to give you ALL the details on this awesome new book--the variants, exclusive editions, and even how you can get your hands on it a little early at San Diego Comic Con! Keep scrolling for all the details, and kick your summer off with Shantae!

2024 Shantae Swimsuit Special #1 - Cover A by Nami Sakurajyousui
JUL242206 - $4.99 - 32 pages - Full Color Pinups / B&W Story
In Stores Sep 2024



JUL242207 - Cover B by Nami Sakurajyousui - $4.99
Story & Art by a ton of creators!

Video game icon Shantae gets her very first swimsuit special! This belly-dancing, Half-Genie hero hits the beaches alongside her friends Rottytops and Sky, baddies like Risky Boots and Nega-Shantae, and many more denizens of Sequin Land. This pin-up art special also includes a special 8-page manga-style Shantae story!

In stores September 2024.

JUL242208 - 2024 Shantae Swimsuit Special #1 - Cover C - Blank Sketch - $6.99 

JUL242209 - 2024 Shantae Swimsuit Special #1 - Cover D by Magodesu
Retailer Incentive Cover - $Ask Your Retailer

Debuting at San Diego Comic-Con!

Enjoy this extra-special edition of the 2024 Shantae Swimsuit Special #1! This San Diego Comic Con edition will feature the same illustration as Cover A by Nami Sakurajyousui, but will be printed on high-quality cardstock and feature gold-foil stamping! Available at San Diego Comic-Con in limited quantities for $25, from The UDON Booth #100. 

UDON Store Exclusive Editions!

2024 Shantae Swimsuit Special #1 - UDON Store Exclusive Cover X1 by Aki Li - US$20

Don't forget about these incredible UDON Store Exclusive Variant Cover Editions! This time out we've got three incredible variants for you to enjoy, and they're all available for pre-order at udonstore.com!

2024 Shantae Swimsuit Special #1 -

UDON Store Exclusive Cover X2 by Mikan - US$20

2024 Shantae Swimsuit Special #1 - 

UDON Store Exclusive Cover X3 by Keenbiscuit - US$20


Shantae and the Shantae logo ™ Bozon.

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